Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Cheeks Bum Bar Review and Giveaway! -- CLOSED

I was asked by a good friend of mine to help test a cloth diaper friendly diaper bum bar. Having had so many issues with J-baby's sensitive skin, I jumped at the chance. Got the first sample, gave my feedback, and received a second tester with the new formula. And it WORKS! Oh, it's fabulous. .

Sweet Cheeks comes in a push up tube, and you glide it over the baby's skin. Not only does it mean you apply just what you need, it keeps your hands and changing area mess free. (Changing J-baby's diaper is sort of like trying to put clothes on an eel, or something. Normal rash creams get all over me, the changing table, the outside of the diaper and his clothes. With Sweet Cheeks, we don't have this problem!) Made from all natural ingredients, it's something I feel safe using every single diaper change. It also smells nice and fresh. Not a fake perfume-y, and not medicated like many creams.

Push up tube.

The label is made from recycled paper!

Top view.

*Ingredients. There are only 5 ingredients in this product, and they're all natural.
*Mess free. I really, really dislike getting diaper cream all over my hands and having to waste a wipe cleaning it off. The Bum Bar eliminates that problem.
*WAHM. This product is made by a WAHM, who is also a Navy wife. Being a WAHM Navy Wife myself, I have a special spot in my heart for moms in similar situations.

*Thin. It applys a thin layer of protection, so if you need something more heavy duty, you'd want to keep another product on hand.

Final Verdict: I really love this stuff! It works well, and in a nice, neat way. Definitely my go-to bum cream.
[Personal note: While this product was created for use as an alternative to diaper cream, I also like to use it on my dry skin. I have eczema and for years doctors have prescribed diaper ointment to combat it. This smells better, looks better, works just as well, and is in a convenient package!]

GIVEAWAY! (Open til midnight HST on Sunday, March 13th.)

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  1. Ok...I would love to try out her
    Dead Sea Bath Salts Pearberry scented 8oz ! I love bath salts when I have the time to take a bath.

  2. I 'like' lilac ave on facebook 8)

  3. I follow lilacave on twitter 8)

  4. I follow Lilac Ave on Twitter. @MrsSABOtage

  5. I currently use a few Lilac Ave products...but I would love to have a Lavender & Peppermint candle...probably one w/ the lid.

  6. Following your blog! Hope you'll check mine out too! Living Semi Crunchy.

    This is the second time I've heard about the Sweet Cheeks Bum Bar! I love her Recycled and vintage candles!!! Great idea!


  7. I would love her lotion bar. I tested a sample back in December and it is gone now!

  8. I already follow Lilacave on both Facebook and Twitter.

  9. I love Lilac Ave's soy candles. They last so long, and the scents are gr8!

  10. Tweeted it!!/GlitzyEvents/statuses/44879092461481984

  11. Id love to try Dead Sea Bath Salts Pearberry

  12. I want any of the coconut lime scented stuff. :) I love coconut

  13. I like Lilac Ave on Facebook:)

  14. annnnd I follow you on twitter! yay!

  15. I like the MAN soap olive oil bar. Just the name, MAN SOAP, cracks me up. And hubby wont admit it, but he needs soap for his sensitive skin.

  16. Liked Lilac Ave on Facebook. Go WAHMs!

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  18. Okay! I'm in lol. I did 1-5. Do I need to count the tweets or are you tallying those. I don't mind doing it!

  19. Well, I have some of her candles and gave them away as gifts this Xmas. Yum! Seriously...any of her candles are top mark in my book. I'm following her on FB and Twitter. I also cloth diaper my baby and recognize the whole shenanigans of getting diapers and clothing on and off. I call it "alligator wrestling".

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