Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Review

A great way to save money on cloth diapers is to buy second-hand. Especially if they're from someone you know, and you can be sure they were properly cared for. I bought 2 Medium and 1 Large Perfect Size Fuzzibunz from a friend of mine. They retail for $17.95, but mine were $12/each.

Perfect Size Fuzzibunz are made in the same style as the one size, but without the adjustable elastic in the waist and legs. They range from x-small, which fits babies as small as 4lb to the large that goes up to 45+. The medium size is made to fit babies from about 15-30lb. J-baby started wearing his when he was 2 months old, at around 13lb. As you can tell, even though this diaper is sized, he's going to get plenty of wear out of it. The diapers came with one med/lg insert each, but I chose to buy new ones.

The fit is nice. I like that the crotch is wider, which is better for J-baby. They're very trim, like the one size, and the rise is much higher.

Snapped in the smallest setting.


Tag. (As you can see, there's a bit of wear.)

Medium/Large insert.

One size insert on the left, med/lg insert on the right. As you can see, there's quite a big difference.

Front view.

Side view. Very trim.

Back view.

Action shot!

*Nice fit. Even at 12lb it fit nicely, and we never had leaks. Hopefully he'll be in this one a while.
*Colors. There are 14 very cute colors available in both OS and PS.

*Quality. The large I got delaminated. This means the water proff PUL separated from the fabric, and the diaper is now unusable. My friend had the same thing happen to one of hers. But getting a replacement requires an extensive form to be filled out, and I have yet to find the time/patience to sit down and get it done.
*More investment. If you decide to get sized diapers you will have to buy more as your child grows.

Final Verdict: I would take these over the one size 9 times out of 10. BUT, it helps that my baby was large enough that he fit in these at 2 months. If I had a smaller baby, I would probably prefer the one size. Still, these are a good investment, and I'd recommend them. Especially if you want to go solely with sized diapers. Check out Fuzzibunz store for free shipping on all US orders. Pretty big deal when you live in HI like me!

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