Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fuzzibunz One Size Review

Remember those one size diaper coupons I've talked about before? One of the diapers I received was a Fuzzibunz one size diaper in Kumkwat. These are very popular pocket diapers due to their extremely adjustable sizing, cute colors, and good quality.

The size range for the one size Fuzzibunz is 7-35lb. They come with a newborn insert for smaller babies and a one size insert. What makes this diaper unique is the adjustable waist and leg elastic. This means you don't have the snap down rise in the front, which is what gives a lot of one size diapers the extra bulk. According to their calculations, there are 30+ adjustments between the elastic and snaps. (And I don't have the time or energy to check, so we'll go with it.) I love that it comes with replacement elastic! And that there's no seam ripping and sewing to replace it. (Mama Strick don't sew.)

It fits pretty well on my big boy, though I do wish it was a bit wider between the legs. It does have a rather short rise, which I like, but many moms say it's too short for their little ones. Can't remember exactly how old J-baby was when we started using these. I want to say between 2 and 3 months. Regardless, he was bigger than a newborn, so we've never used that insert by itself.

(This is not the diaper I received from Kelly's Closet. This is a diaper I purchased at a later date. The color is "Big Sky".)


Laid flat.

Newborn insert on left, one size insert on right. I like to use the newborn insert as a doubler for things like going out to dinner when I'm going to want him to be in something a little more absorbent.

Hip elastic. (Joe's is set on 3.)

Leg elastic. (Also set on 3.)

Front view using newborn insert as a doubler.

Front view with just the one size insert. (The rest of the pictures will be with just the one size insert.)

Side view.

Back view.

Under a onesie. As you can see, it's really not bulky.

*Trim fit. With a lot of one size diapers having a bit of extra bulk, it's nice to have a few that are more trim and will fit under shorts/pants better.
*Very adjustable. I've heard these are the most adjustable diapers on the market, meaning a more custom fit. That appeals to a lot of people.
*Dependability. These were the first modern cloth diapers! They've been around over 10 years now, and you can bet they know what they're doing.

*Because of the many different size settings, it does leave room for quite a bit of trial and error. And once you've got it down, you still have to go through that all again when the baby grows out of that setting. (Fuzzibunz does provide a chart to help you find the right size.)

Final verdict: At $19.95 a pop (unless you can find some on sale) they're about mid-range on the pocket diaper price scale. Are they worth $20? Yeah, probably. Would I want my whole stash being made up of these diapers? Not really. But am I glad I have a few and would I recommend trying them out? You betcha! The Fuzzibunz Store has free shipping on all US orders.


  1. Just an FYI, what you've shown as the "waist" adjustment is actually just the hip adjustment. If you look inside the pocket, there's another set of elastic and buttons to adjust the waist.

  2. Thanks for the review Emily! I'm really excited for my Fuzzi Bunz to get here for me to try it out! With Aislinn being so small, maybe being able to customize the fit a bit more will be good for us.