Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smartipants Review

I started building my stash a couple months before J-baby was born. Every now and then I'd be able to take advantage of a free one size diaper coupon code from www.kellyscloset.com. One of the diapers I received was a Smartipants pocket diaper.

Smartipants were invented by a mom who didn't want to touch dirty inserts when she washed the diapers. So, she made a "smart-sleeve" that allowed the insert to agitate out in the wash. No touching pee or poo at laundry time! The inside is suedecloth, with an outer fabric of water-proof polyester. One thing I really like about these diapers is that you hand doesn't touch PUL as you stuff them. It makes stuffing the inserts slightly easier, and I'm not scared of my ring snagging and ripping the water-proof layer.

The size range is 7-35lbs. J-baby weighs about 16lbs, and has tree trunks for legs. The fit is nice, though they're not the trimmest of diapers we have. It's got 3 rise settings, with a one size insert.

(This is not the diaper I received. This is a newer version, and the only difference as far as I can tell is the insert. The newer inserts have green stitching, and the older one did not.)

Shortest Rise

Completely unsnapped

Laid flat

One size insert on top of diaper

Side view

Back view

Front view

*Price! Single diapers are $14.95, and 3 packs are just $36.95. Definitely on the less expensive end for quality pocket diapers. And they are much higher quality than a lot of the other similarly priced pockets.
*Colors! They just released several new very cute colors. (After I decided not to buy anymore diapers! Darn them.) You can mix and match all the colors in the package deals.
*No mess! Probably the biggest appeal is the fact you don't have to touch the insert.

*Sleeve. The problem with the smart sleeve is that it's very small. Very difficult to add an extra insert or doubler. For heavy wetters, like J-baby, this is a problem. (Though I will say we've only had leaks once, and that was overnight.)
*Insert. Because it's a one size insert, it does hang out a bit on the ends. Usually I take a bit of the extra fabric up front and cover it to prevent wicking. Some moms choose to fold the insert down.

Final Verdict: Great idea, great price, good diaper. Definitely worth buying at least a 3-pack! Check them out at www.smartipants.com.

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